Opal fare recent changes

Opal fare upcoming changes

Opal card, simply a travel card used to travel in public transports in NSW (New South Wales) and opal is a contactless fare collection system in the greater sydney area of NSW, Australia whose operation is managed by Government’s transport authority, Transport for NSW.

From Monday July 6 2020, the opal fares will be changed with temporary 50% discount for all off-peak travel on bus, metro/train and light rail services and extension in the peak travel times on weekdays.

The overall Opal benefits include:

  • Unlimited daily travel for Senior or Pensioner Opal card holders in $2.5.
  • Travel caps in both Weekdays and Weekends.
  • Half fares after completion of eight paid journeys/travels in one week.
  • New travel cap is introduced for weekends and public holidays which is set at $8.5.
  • Changes to fares within 3 km travel in buses and light rail during peak times.
  • Extended weekday peak fare travel times.
  • And most important one; Temporary 50% discount for off-peak fares.

The below table shows the peak travel times for the corresponding days:

Days of the week (weekdays)Peak times for all 3 travels, i.e. bus, metro/train and light rails Peak times for intercity trains
6am-10am 3pm-7pm
Sydney Peak travel times

The below table shows the fare rate before and after July 6:

 Peak travel Off-peak travel Single Trip Tickets
DistanceCurrent faresFrom 6 JulyCurrent faresFrom 6 July
Train and metro
0-10 km$1.80$1.80$1.26$0.90$2.20
10-20 km$2.24$2.24$1.56$1.12$2.80
20-35 km$2.57$2.57$1.79$1.28$3.20
35-65 km$3.44$3.44$2.40$1.72$4.20
65* km$4.43$4.43$3.10$2.21$5.40
0-3 km$1.12$1.60$1.12$0.80$2.00
3-8 km$1.86$1.86$1.86$0.93$2.30
8. km$2.40$2.40$2.40$1.20$3.00
Light rail
0-3 km$1.12$1.60$1.12$0.80$2.00
3-8 km$1.86$1.86$1.86$0.93$2.30
8+ km$2.40$2.40$2.40$1.20$3.00
0-9 km$3.06$3.06$3.06$3.06$3.80
9. km$3.82$3.82$3.82$3.82$4.70
CAPS — Child/Youth and Concession
Week daySaturdaySundayWeekly
CAPS — Senior/Pensioner

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