How to find your ABN number in case you forgot it.

Australian Business number is also termed as an ABN number which is a 11 digit unique number that identifies your business existence to the government and community. An ABN number is necessary for operating a business that means getting ABN number is the first task before starting a business.

So, you may have a question: what will happen if i forget my ABN number?

Well, in that case there are two choices; one is to search your ABN number by your name in ABN Lookup or re-apply with your same details once again here

In ABN lookup, there shows hundreds of ABN numbers based on full name of the applicant means suppose if my name is Henry Peter and i forget my ABN, then ABN Lookup will show all the ABN number in the name of Henry Peter if you do search. Here best way to identify your ABN is through your matching details like Suburb codes and registered States. For your clear understanding, a sample is attached below:

Search results

The next method is to re-apply the ABN which is quite easier.Make sure you have your details ready like Full name,Date of Birth(DOB) and Tax File Number(TFN). For the full guidance follow the article below:

Click on the APPLY ABN number and choose ‘Apply for an ABN’ from the first list as the second and third list is for Tax professionals and goverment bodies respectively. :

Apply for an ABN

After that headover to the second step and click on the ‘apply or reapply for an ABN’ button:

Apply or reapply for an ABN

After you click on that button, First read all the points before moving to next step and tick the box if you agree to the given points and click next as below provided sample:

Read all and then Tick the box

Now its time to indicate about your business whether you are individual(sole trader), Company or Superannuation entity and proceed as below. Here i will do as an Individual(sole trader):

Verify Applicant entity

Now click on next and reconfirm your entity i.e. Applicant Entity.

Reconfirm your Entity

After that you will be prompt to second step out of 6 total steps and complete the form with your condition as in provided sample:

Complete your Details here

After completing the requirement asked, click on next button and move to third step and choose the option which best fits you as in sample below:

verify your Tax residency

As we forgot our ABN number and we are looking for it, this step is the most important among all.(Note: If we were applying ABN for the first time then also its same and you need to complete all 6 steps). So complete with your accurate personal details as in below attached sample:

Fill your personal information

After fulfilling the form with your personal details, Click next and you will see a page with existing application found and you receive your ABN number if you had your ABN number previously.

ABN existing application found

So, If you ever forget your ABN number then just follow the steps as i mentioned in this article. Hope this makes some sense to you and that’s all for today’s ABN lookup topic. Thank you

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